Can't Read CD-RW

Hello, this is my first post here. I am hoping for some insiht to the following problem:

I received several CD-RW disks written by an employee who moved to my office with his important data. It will not show the disk label, nor any files whe I attempt to read it on several new computers with CDR/CDRW/DVD/DVDW capability. Is this a lost cause? He claims that the disks were written at “high speed”. They are Memorex Ultra-speed media, shown as 24x rated 700MB disks. Thank you in advance!


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What did he use to write them with and did he close/finalise them for other systems to read them?

He claims he can’t remember the software used, but saya he did select the option to close the disk to make it readable by other drives. I am trying to read on a CDRW compatible drive with no luck yet. Likely that his disks have errors?


Also if he had written the CD-RW disc with pocket writing program them then that might be the source of problem.

Packet actually.

If the disc had been finalised it [B][I]should[/I][/B] be OK in other PC’s but that could be it.