Can't Read CD-R's Anymore

Hi, I’m new to the forum. Can someone give me a hand with my Matshita UJ-850s on a Sony VGN-N325E ? One sunny day it wouln’t read CD-R’s anymore, although it will write to them (using imgBurn). It can still read CD-ROM’s and DVD-ROM’s. I tried updating the f/w with a Sony .exe for a different model laptop (to v. 1.61) with the same drive, but it still doesn’t work. PLZ HELP!!

Hi and Welcome!

you may try if carefully cleaning the lens does help.


Thanks for the reply. I tried that already. I even tried the ultimate test: booting up on a CD-R that works on all the other pc’s I worked on (a lot), and it didn’t work. Every CD-R inserted, even written ones, show up as blank. I’ve already searched (almost) all the other posts here, and tried all the suggestions, such as upper/lower filters etc. Evidently it,s a firmware or hardware problem, not a driver or registry problem. Thanx everyone for their help.:sad:


then be prepared to buy another drive.
If the boot CD(-R) test fails, then the CD-part of the optics starts to die.


Would a Firmware upgrade help?

[QUOTE=sim613;2496574]Would a Firmware upgrade help?[/QUOTE]I don’t think so. But if there is an updated available, then try it. Firmware updates for Panasonic drives are really rare.

What you can test additionally, that is different blank CD-R media. Perhaps there is some variety that is readable with your drive.


Thanks a lot for your time!!