Can't Read CD by Blindread

Blindwrite suite
I select "Get CD information…
then click “next”
then press read TOC…OK it’s fine
then click “next”
then a little BEEP sound by PC(blindread???)
then hang on next screen that have a lot of “test”

If I choice “dump”,also have same error

OS: XP SP1-SP2(traditional chinese)
CDROM:Plextor UltraSCSI 40x
CD-RW:Sanyo CRD-BP5 (UltraSCSI),Liteon 52246S(UDMA)
all BIOS up to date
I have test these drivers…

what’s happen???

Did you try an older version of Blindwrite to see if you get the same prob. Go here to get this version and try it: Your looking for version Get this version and un-install the new version you have in and also make sure to delete these files also when you have un-installed it. 1. Patin.cpl & PCAtip.vxd. Once all these are gone install the old version and see if you have the same problem. I have a problem in the newer version of blindwrite where Bwa builder locks up my drive/s when trying to do a bwa measurement. Maybe this might help you.

Unclebobie23 :bigsmile: