Can't read burnt DVD's

Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem?

I have a Samsung SM-352N combo CD RW/DVD ROM drive and it can’t read burnt DVD’s. These DVD’s play fine in my normal home dvd player, and they also play in my mate’s PC, but WinXP Explorer can’t recognise them.

No error messages are produced, it just get stuck in a loop trying to read them.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

1st thing to try is update firmware
latest @

Thanks for the reply.

BUT Already did that - no change to problem.
Is it possible that the disks are in another region format that my DVD player can’t read?

Hello and welcome to CDF,

what kind of media are you using (+R or -R). Please consider that the drive is only able to handle DVD-R.

Drive Specifications

I’ll check that out - thanks for your reply