Cant read burned media



Ok so ive had an NEC dvd writer for a little over a year now and a few weeks ago it stopped reading burned media, so i figured the drive was old, it probably got burned out…so i went and purchased a samsung SH-S182M drive…well i installed it in my computer, installe drivers, nero, updated the firmware and everything…the drive seemed to work fine…reads DVD movies, video game install discs…then i even burned a dvd…and i always make sure that it works b4 i take it…so i put the disc back in to see if it burned and it says i have a blank disc…so i try another burned dvd…same thing…i tried dvd+r and dvd-r…i tried different brands…wont read them…so ive tried everything to fix it…i put a new ide cable in i changed around the jumpers…i did a system restore to a point where i knew my dvd writer was working…ive seriously tried everything and cant get it to work…what the heck is wrong with it?


Software issue on your system, nothing about the hardware…
Test the drive in another computer and boot from a CD or DVD to see that it works.


no, its not a software issue, i can guarantee you that…ive noticed alot of people on these forums and elsewhere that are having the same issue with this drive…ive tried a clean install of windows, b4 that i did a system restore, its not a software issue…so now, can someone tell me the hardware issue? from what ive been reading possibly something with the powersupply?


Even the problems lies in the firmware - it would be still software…