Can't Read Burned DVDs On A08XL(DVR108)



I have been having issues with my A08XL recently. It will burn okay sometimes and sometimes burn coasters(Memorex DVD-R)for no apparent reason. The media is not old. I have burnt about 5 coasters out of 15 tries. I am not even burning at high speeds, as I would rather have a good burn over speed, so I burn at 8x instead of the 16x the drive boasts being capable of.

That issue could possibly just be me being a bit new to burning dvds, and the sharp learning curve, what with all the software,and figuring out what works best.

The other issue I am having is NOT user related. My drive doesn’t seem to like to read media I have burned. Sometimes it reads it, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll burn a disk, and it will say it burned successfully, but then when I go to play it, the drive will try and read it, all the while making a strange noise, unlike regular read noises I have heard, and sometimes it will read the disk okay, sometimes it won’t. It will sometimes read the same disk, when five minutes before it could not. What is the problem? This is angering me as I have only used this drive about twenty or twentyfive times total, and am wasting disks, and they are not really all that cheap.

Any help is appreciated.


A7N8X Deluxe 2.0
Athlon XP2600
Pioneer A08XL
Maxtor 80gig
Using nero 6.6



Memorex dvd media is crap.

I would use better ones.