Can't read blank dvds

I am having problems with blank dvds.
Is there a tool available to re-format a dvd to ‘clean’ it and start a fresh.


Hi Dave,

DVD-R and DVD+R media cannot be formatted once they’ve been burned. This can only be done with re-writeable media, meaning either DVD-RW or DVD+RW media. You can identify this media by looking at the recording surface. Rewriteable media has a black recording dye, recordable media is often purple.

But, what kind of problems are you having? Which burner? Which media? Which software?

I have a Sony DRU500 dvd re-writer.
I also have an Acer Aspire laptop with dvd re-writer.
I am using dvd-rw and dvd+rw.
I have InCD running which means that I can drag and drop files onto my dvds. The problem wit this is that the option of using the Window’s format option is lost.
Occasionally I get problems when I cant read a dvd in either burner.

I seem to remember a small utility that used to ‘wipe’ cds and was wondering if there is such a tool for dvds.

I just feel that if I could bring back the media to ‘as bought’ then I would have a chance of using it again. As it is I have half a dozen discs that I can’t use.

Many thanks


You can erase DVDRW media with lots of applications, including Nero. Fire up Nero and choose Recorder, Erase ReWriteable media (not completely sure if this is correct, don’t have Nero here). Nero will then ask you to insert a RW disc, enter it in the drive and erase it. It’s not a good idea to insert the RW disc before choosing the erase option since it will make InCD load and access the disc, meaning you can’t erase it as it’s being used.