Can't Read Blank DVD

I have just purchased anydvd. I have found it to work for removing copy protection and other management software that prevents disc copying. But anydvd will not recognize a blank dvd. When I click show information it says no disc present in drive. I currently have version installed. I have tried updating to newer versions as well as uninstalling/re-installing. My computer is also brand new - I have a sony ddu1615 dvd-rom with a Philips dvd±rw dvd8701. With anydvd turned off my burning software recognizes the blank dvd. When anydvd is on it prompts me to insert a recordable media. I have researched every post on this topic and have tried to follow the advice of enabling DMA and looking at the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Nothing works. Please help. I am about to purchase another software.

Can you give us a bit more info about your environment? Specifically I’d like to know exactly what recording software you have. Any packet writing software like DLA, DirectCD, InCD?

What instructions have you given the drive to perform in autoplay of properties, upon insertion of blank cd?
There could be a conflict of software, if autoplay has been instructed to perform an action other than the software you are attempting to burn with.
If you haven’t already done this, I suggest choosing take no action as the default, to see if this cures your problem.
I may be off base, but I don’t believe that information about blank disks will appear in AnyDVDs information box, as both of my systems, with 4 different drives, exhibit the same “no disk present”, that you have described, and I cannot remember it being any different with previous versions of AnyDVD.
In fact, windows doesn’t give any details about the disk, other than file system raw.
I don’t know if it is meaningful, but I have also observed that:
1: Inserting a +R disk while watching the icon for the drive in my computer results in the drive description changing to cd drive.
2: Inserting a -R disk results in the same drive description change, but in addition, the icon changes from a drive with a disk atop it, to a disk with dvd -r underneath.
This I presume to be due to differences of data present on the 2 formats.
If someone else can provide an explanation of this, I would like your input. :confused:

The dvd burning software that I had pre-installed on my computer was Sonic MyDVD LE. I was skeptical using it since a lot of pre-installed software is isn’t that great to begin with. But AnyDVD indicated that it was compatible with virtually every burning software. I decided to purchase some new software anyway according to SamuriHL’s suggestion. I purchased DVDX Platinum and this software worked. Thanks for your tips.

if DVDX Platinum is the same as DVD XCopy Platinum that company is no longer in business and not supported, a waste of money, IMHO, i see that you have already got anydvd, why not give clonedvd2 a try also from 2 of the most supported programs out there, not sure if there is still a money off coupon.

@ alpinebud,

I echo Forum Member Bjproc comments.

The AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination is an excellent combination that produces excellent results.

The problem you reporting could quite possibly be cause by a Packet Writing software program. Recommend removing any and all Packet Writing software programs. Packet Writing software programs are highly invasive and cause numerous conflict error problems especially with DVD backup coping software programs. The following are examples of packet writing software programs –Drag-To-Disc, DirectCD, InCD, DLA (Drive Letter Access), CE Quadrant Just!Burn, FileCD, Sony abCD, InstantWrite, Backup4all, B’s Clip, NeoClip, InstantBurn, Drag to Disc. This is not an extensive complete list, there are numerous others.

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DVDX Platinum and DVD X Copy Platinum are two different companies. DVD X Copy Platinum is now overseas and selling a dual copy dvd program from what I seen(former DVD X Copy Platinum owner/user). Clone DVD is a great program too, but if money’s tight you can use dvd shrink and use nero to burn. works quite well. If you still or have X copy I’d uninstall it there are alot of bugs in it that they could’t fix. Yes you are righr X copy is a waste of time and money.

ouch, i googled it and found it at burn world, for $99.99, ouch, clonedvd2 is not even half the price.

I hope you’re not offended I was just justifying the difference. Clone DVD is very good copying software unless you know how to use the freeware.

just used shrink a few times, prefer clonedvd, not offended, just hurting that there wanting $100 for their software.

Yes and the worse part I think is the higher the program you get less support. I think if they con people to buy their software the least they could do is give better support.

Yes, the current overseas “X” operation is not a quality organization … and their engineering effort is … limited. And Platinum was never a quality product for most users, even when the original organization (321 Studios) created and marketed it out of Illinois, USA. Just MHO.


Oh, dude, I so would never recommend DVDX Platinum. I’m glad you dumped the Sonic stuff as that was a very wise decision, but, I wish you would have asked us here in the forum before purchasing that. :frowning:

Is your system a Dell? I had the same Philips 8701 and it was very erratic reading blank discs. This drive model is known for acting up and causing problems. I ended up receiving a new NEC drive from Dell because the Philips drive was not working. I have had no new problems with my new drive and AnyDVD.