Cant read blank disc



Now Im not nearly experienced enough to tell myself if i have a problem with these DVD/CD-rom drives so I need some help. I have some videos I want to put onto a CD from a video camera which i had already uploaded onto my computer. I have a trial version of a program called Intervideo DVD Copy5. Everytime I try to put a file onto this blank DVD disc, the drive doesnt even read the disc. It just says to put a blank DVD disc into the drive meanwhile one is already in there. This has happened to me on an old computer as well, and its probably not the computers. Maybe it is,…either way, anybody have a clue on what is going on?


Most likely the media you have put in is not the one required, eg. mixed up DVD-R with DVD+R…


well the CD that i put in is a “Maxell DVD-RW” 4.7Gig, and 120 min, The Drive is a DVD Rom Drive although it doesnt really matter because ive tried both of the drives I have, DVD-Rom, and Compact Disc Rewritable. None of them read the blank disc


Hi nickkov88

from what you are saying, you have a dvd drive and a cd-rw drive.
Your dvd drive should pick up that it is a disk and advise that it is a blank/empty disk.
If you put a dvd-rw dvd in the cd-rw drive it will not be able to write to it as it is the wrong media. You have (I think) cd burner not a dvd burner.

You many have to purchase a dvd burner and replace one of your two drives with it.

I hope this helps


It makes no sense to input a BLANK DVD-Rw into a combo drive.

BLANK means there is nothing to read on it.