Can't read ATIP

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My new Yamaha CRW3200 e vk burner doesn’t return ATIP to the programs that asks it.
Windows98, ASPI 4.60

CDRIdentifier returns “information not available”.
Feurio CD Writer 1.65 (full support of the Yamaha CRW3200) says “no ATIP-information”.

Yes, there is a CDR in the drive, a Mitsui. Same behaviour with a Traxdata.

I can no more post infos about CDRs

Make sure ‘Hide CDR Media’ is unchecked in CloneCD Tray…

I don’t have CloneCD.
Nero doesn’t seem to have this kind of option.
Feurio says the drive is capable of reading ATIP, and “hide ATIP” is unchecked.

Problem solved.

I had an HD crash last night. I reinstalled all. It works, now.

No it doesn’t !
It works with an Hi-space CDR, but not with a Mitsui nor a Traxdata.
I think it can only read ATIP from non-closed CDs.

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some burners have this prob.

My friend has a Samsung 8x4x32x burner. It is not capable of reading ATIP after the CD-R is burnt. Can read ATIP only from Blank CD-Rs.

My HP 8x4x32x had no problems though.

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