Can't read ATIP anymore



i don’t know what happend i could read ATIP just few days ago…and now i cant…no hardware changes…


maybe you installed alcohol 120%


i uninstalled alcohol…it didnt help… :sad:
someone told me to remove clone cd it didnt help too… :a


im a n00b
what do you mean u could read ATIP b4?
How were u reading it? lol


Why not start by telling us your cd-rw and its firmware? I am assuming you aren’t trying to read it with a cdrom are you? That would make it quite impossible for you. ATIP stands for Absolute Time In Pregroove, it is a way to determine the disc manufacture and it is how the cdrw can tell what speed to allow writing at. Many programs such as cdr identifier can read atip.


1.I’m using Plextor 5224A Firmware V1.03… :bow:
2.i’m not trying to read with a cdrom
3.and i get unknown manufacture when trying to read the ATIP
4.I’m using Fujifilm CDRs made by TY


In what program do you get this message? Most program do not contain the manufacturer name for all available ATIP’s and thus will display unknown manufacturer for ATIP’s not in the database. Try a disc of a known type - like Verbatim/mitsubishi.


i tried nero,KProbe2,Feurio…