Can't read any disc with DMA enabled

Hi, guys, I recently bought a new desktop, with an TSST SH-S202N ATA DVD writer, it took me like 30 or 40 minutes to burn a DVD. I have tried two different systems and the problem still.

For XP, it just went back to PIO mode when I insert an disc. I tried many ways to fix it, like uninstalled the channel, updated the driver, modified the registry, switched IDE cables(80 pins cable), change the power, set the jumper etc, still not working.

Then I thought that’s the system problem, so I install vista, when I enable the DMA, it just won’t read any disc, andthe system could get the DVD writer’s model properly, it only read discs when I untick the DMA mode, of course, extremelly slow speed in PIO mode.

Anyone could help me, please? I have tired so many ways, still can’t fix it.

Many thanks!!!

Could anybody help me, please…???

I would have taken it back. Maybe it’s just a defective burner.