Can't read an EMI Copy Controlled CD

Hi people,

I bought the new Melissa Auf Der Maur CD yesterday and if course, it was marked with the silly Copy Controlled sticker.

The CD playback works fine on my home stereo but doesn’t even get detected on my PC. I just want to know if there is a way I force my PC to detect it. At the moment, I’m not even interested is ripping it or copying it as I have found numerous threads on how to detect which copy control software is being used and how to go around it. Even if I wanted to, how could I if my computer can’t even read or detect it? Oh, my device is a Philips CDD4851 CD-R/RW in case you need to know.

Thanks for your help and patience!

EDITS Upon reading some threads, I’ve noticed that the problem seems to be hardware dependant, so I’m guessing that I’m shit out of luck…huh?

Welcome to the forum, Munkyboy.

As you already discovered the reading of protected audio discs is often dependant on hardware and not on the used software. You can try to read the disc with autorun disabled (if you have it enabled) but that’s about the only suggestion I can give you unfortunately. Good luck though!

Have a look here and see if your hardware is capable. There are other ways around this if you can’t read the CD with your drive, the main two being connect your computer to your hifi (preferably via a digital connection) and copy the CD this way or just buy a new drive that has no problems reading protections.