Can't read all contents on burnt CD, plz help



Ok so heres my problem, a buddy of min eburned me a couple of cd-rs with 8 avi files on them each. But i can only read the first two files. I know that the rest of the files are on the disk because the total file size taken up is 680 megs. Theres 20 megs free, and the combined size of the two files is about 160megs.
I have a feeling it has somthing to do with the toc on the cds cause i've tried them on mulipule pcs to see if that was the problem.
I think that either the toc didn't write the other files in sayin that there on the disk or that it thinks they are deleted

Thanks alot




What did you burn them with easy cd,nero or nti cdmaker?Easy cd is usually better at burning data files.I’ve had problems with burning with nti the files sometimes still are corrupt even after nti verifies contents of disc.


Your friend might have tried burning the cd, he got a coaster he retried burning it and so the files weren’t written normally. Just ask him… I’m telling you this 'cause I’ve done it myself… :bigsmile: