Cant read a Blindwrite-copy on the pc where Blindwrite is installed

Hello guys, :slight_smile:

I have a weird problem with Blindwrite, I ve searched the forum but couldnt find a solution sofar.

I ve done 2 backups sofar ( Max Payne2 and Ufo Aftermath)
These backups work fine on my second PC with a Liteon DVD-ROM but they dont work on the pc where Blindwrite is installed.:frowning:

Right after Im inserting the backup, the CD-ROM tries to read it and after 1-2 mins it hangs. ( CD-Drives: Toshiba and an LG Writer both cant read the backup)
The original CDs work fine though. :confused:

Ive tried both Blindwrite 4.5.7 and Blindwrite 5.xx same results
But like I said both backups work fine on my second pc where no CD-writer installed it.

I dont have any kind of emulation or demontools installed and I dont use the aspi drivers. Im kinda desparate and have no clue where the problem is. Please help:bow:

What are the spec of both computers, and does the second computer have any emulation installed?

my computer where the CD-Writer is and backups doesnt work:

Athlon XP3200+
1 Gb corsair PC-400
Asus Board A7N8x
Toshiba SD1802
LG 8520B
Pioneer A05
Nero 6.0.28
and Blindwrite ( had 5.xx, now I have 4.5.7)

I had CloneCD but I ve uninstalled it long ago

my computer where the backup works has no CD-Writer, but has the Autoplay installed:

Athlon XP1800+
1GB Corsair PC-333
Epox Mainboard with VIA Chipset
LiteOn 16x/48 DVD-ROM
No Burning Progs here since this PC has no CD-Writer

What burning programs do you have on each computer?

Hi Alexstarfire and thanx for the reply,
I just edit my previous post with my PC configurations and added the CD-Writing Progs I use

The only real difference that I can see is that you have Autoplay installed on the second computer. Try installing it on the one with the CD-burner and see what happens. Also it might depend on what you are trying to burn. Sounds dumb, yes I know, but there are some features that CD-burners can only write and not read. But I only think that this would affect game CDs and maybe some audio. The way it seems is that both of your CD burners can burn weak sectors but not read them. I know that Max Payne 2 has weak sectors, not sure about AfterMath. LiteOns can read weak sectors but not burn them hence the reason why they work in the LitOn but not in the Pioneer or LG. Just a theory though.