Can't re-write to DVD RW



Hi, Newbie here,

I have a HP Media Centre PC with a DVD and CD writer fitted. Reading the book, it says it can write DVD+R and DVD+RW discs. I insert a DVD+R and it works fine. Also when I insert a DVD+RW, that works fine too but then when I want to erase the files on the RW disc and write more to it, it says the disc is read-only.

Am I doing something wrong?



How did you write to it the first time? What program? And what are you using to erase it for a reburn.


You’re presumably using the XP writer software for this. Well that doesn’t work well with RWs. In fact all it can do is format the RW , so loosing the original contents & allow you to write more data. But I think you can only do it all at one time & adding further data doesn’t work.
It really depends how you want to use these rewritables as to what software is best. Nero & Roxio work well and the DragtoDisk function of Roxio will allow continual adding/deletion & updating on RW media.

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Use DVDInfoPro to format/erase RW media.