Can't purchase DeUHD, tried with several creditcards



Hi everyone.
We were trying today to buy this tool. 3 different countries, 3 different cards (master and visa) 3 different card holders. Every time

And every time cvv code is shown + http (not https) I do not want to create panic, but it seems that it can be a scam.

Initial Experiences with DeUHD

I’ve moved your post to it’s own thread and will bring it to the attention of the developers.


Yeah, the HTTP thing in particular is a major problem. Thankfully, people can manually change the URL to use HTTPS, but how many people will catch that? I don’t necessarily think it’s a scam but I wouldn’t begrudge anybody if they flipped out.


Many debit and credit cards probably will be blocked you may have to call your bank and tell them to let it go through however until they fix the link to HTTPS I would not order a thing from them and they want your CVC code too.

I would personaly wait and see what the company has to say.


I have a reply from the developers:

Although some customers have successfully purchased, but we will improve the collection service as soon as possible.

English is their second language, I think they mean that it works for some people but that they will be working on improving the payment process.


Is there any chance to get rig off the “Payment failed” error? I have only one Credit card .


Call your credit card issuer and tell them you tried to purchase but it would not go through and not to block the payment and let it go through.


Have the same problem got a reply that the will consider PayPal in the future …
I even set up prepaid card to no avial.
Can someone point me to the right direction how to set up one time virtual card which is confirmed to work with their web page. …???


Ps. I called my bank but they say no transactions info available in the system :confused:


I would like to purchase a 6month license but until they take a alternate payment like Bitcoin I am waiting I am not entering my credit card on the site now they have three of your cc numbers and CVS codes and as far as I am concerned the site is not safe from exposing everyones Info JMO.


Has the world gotten so bad that we can’t even trust anonymous Russian hackers with our credit cards anymore?
What’s next, we stop helping out all those Nigerian Princes who desperately need the assistance that only our bank account details can provide?!? So jaded…


the last time I treid to buy something like this, my card was used all over china to try and buy shit, luckily the bank cancelled the card before any loses occurred,
Anyway it seems there will be other software out there soon that can rip the UHD discs as the keys to the kingdom have been released


Did anyone try virtual card number from BofA? I plan to use it to buy the license.


I tried purchasing deuhd with 2 cards, and now both are blocked by the banks. They got blocked because others who have purchased via the same platform (something chinese, they convert purchased amount to yen) have had their cards abused, so now i have 2 new cards on the way. (note the 2 cards where from different banks)


Thank you for the Info so they go through a China payment processer and not a russian one interesting.


well i would still like to purchase even though i just lost 2 credit cards trying, so do any of you know a virtual credit card i can buy it with?


I’ve used MyCard2Go but not sure if it matches your use case…


Yeah, it’s Chinese. I haven’t had any problems. Ironically, I did have a card where the numbers were stolen around the same time but it was a different card. So, in my case at least, I’m doing fine.


That is good to hear there is just so much Fraud out there with stolen credit cardsI prefer to use Bitcoin for Purchases.


The MyCard2Go solution worked for me.