Cant properly enable SLI setup

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Have just bought another graphics card (exact as in my sig) to run a SLI seup in this computer i have built(full specs in sig). Im using a ASUS A8N SLI SE motherbaord and 2 BFG 6600GT OC 128mb SLI graphics cards. I have place the second one in and used it for about 1 month thinking its working great. But once i read up fully and check all the NVIDIA options i saw that the SLI dual GPU was not enabled in the options. ??? So i checked everything from the bios made sure i enabled “dual cards” . Made sure the EZ plug on the MOBO was powered so that it could run in SLI. Even checked in device manager to check that the computer reconises both cards in which it does. ??? :eek:

Its good but im sure it could be alot better. Please could someone shed some light on how to get this going as it should be. Thanx. :bigsmile:

did you reverse the little controler board thingy to enable sli mode?

think you got it wrong there ripit. Ive got an asus a8n-sli premium and all you do is plug both cards in, connect the explug power molex to the board, connect both power plugs to the each graphics card, in fact heres a photo of what mine looks like;

is the little green light at the bottom of the mobo on?

Have you tried watching the GPU load balancing>>see attathed image, and taken a look while gaming to see whats happening?

Thanks for the reply guys.

Right the model i have the SLI SE doesnt have the little swich. You just place the EZ plug with your normal PSU power supply What i have done.
This is rather strange as i will show you what it states in my nvidia options. Doesnt even get as far to say enter SLI.

I have heard that only Asus cards can be SLI on an ASUS baord i hope this is not true.

See attacjed shot.
Thanx again for the help guys, much appreciated. :bow: :bow:

do you have two connectors from your PSU plugged into the back of either card? Do you have the bridging adapter linking the two cards in place?

if you can take a photo of the inside of your computer that would be helpful. Also try updating the nvidia drivers to the latest.

Hi gregtherotterius,

I have the two cards in place with asus SLI strip that connects the cards together. I also have a normal PSU 4pin power that is in the EZ plug just to the left of the graphics cards.
Do i need to attach anything else. ??? like the two connectors you mentioned. ?? i havent attached those should i open my computer and see.?!!
Are they pins that attach inside the case to each card or are they external.

Thanks again, at least im in the right direction. Cheers mate :clap:

Some 6600GT cards need a molex power plug connected to the back edge of the card, others don’t. Also, what version of GeForce drivers are you using?

I don’t think the power is the problem.

in the full photo ive done an arrow to show what i mean by connector thing linking both cards together. In the second photo, is a photo of the cards linked together.

heres a photo of what the link looks like, it fits over each cards, sli pins pointed at with white arrow.

Hi Chas, thanks for the help mate. The cards im using are [B]BFG Geforce 6600GT OC 128mb - 525mhz speed[/B]. The box of the cards states SLI ready and i have also checked my computer, all power is connected and these cards didnt have any extra power attachments as in your pictures. Any other ideas. . :bow:

cant post pics you requsested as i cant get them down to 97kb- this is too small. I got them down to 190kb but thats it. The asus clip is on the cards as simular to how your was as just to the top left of the cards is the EZ plug and it has PSU power and i made sure it was properly in the sockett. I re-checked the cards and the are all secure and in the slots correctly. The is also no other power attachments on the card either. Strange ahhyy. :confused: :confused:

OK got the images resized to post. See what you guys think. Seems pretty normal to me. But you might see something i missed. :clap:


hmm that looks right to me. I really dont understand whats up. Have you tried updating the drivers?

Yep, went to the website and downloaded the latest forceware anyway (turned out to be same as i already had ??). Still no avail. Have emailed asus and they have not responed at all. BFG just give me 1 word answers all the time. Im not even as far as we have gotten to explaining this problem to them. LOL !!. Hopefully i can get them working soon. If not i think i will just sell these two cards and just buy 1 better one. But the whole reason i bought this MOBO and and a extra card was to SLI it up, but this is becomeing a problem. :bigsmile:

to be honest you would have been better off with one 7900gt 512mb gainward, for 220 quid instead of two 6600 cards. At least then you would have had the extra pci slot, and been able to upgrade to a second 7900gt later on if you needed the extra power and wanted sli. :slight_smile:

Yeah you are probably right. I had the first 6600GT for a while ,since it first came out a few years ago and i paid about £200 back then. The other card i only paid £40 brand new from a friend so thats why i thought of going SLI insted of shedding out more cash. Im not a HUGE gamer as i would probably know the ins and outs of SLI and have my rig working but i may sell off these and just get a ASUS EN7600GT for a reasonable price. Probably get the money to fund it from these cards so if i do decide to its happy days. :bigsmile:

But i would like to understand why this wont work for me. ??? I will keep trying for the mo anyway.

Thanks for all your help greg, very much appreciated. :clap: :clap:

np, you should try posting on a dedicated overclocking/graphics/sli forum. Search around. I typed in ‘3dmark06’ in google and came out with a forum where the people getting the best results for that benchmarking program had 7900gt’s in sli. Im sure they;d be able to help you and tell you whats the problem straight off the bat. :slight_smile:

Specifically, what version number of the drivers do you have? Early versions require matching cards and later versions require only the same core. “The latest version” can vary quite a bit from one site to another. If you have 91.33 or above, then I assume that you do not have matching cores.

Hey Chas,

I wasnt sure how to find the exact driver version number you were talking about ?? do you know how to find this from windows and then i could let you know.

I had a little look anyway at all the settings of each card in the nvidia options. They were all the same, nothing different at all. I removed the cards checked them and they are identical tested them and they run single card at a time exactly the same. 525mhz core speed, 128mb GDDR3 memory. I also checked the cd drivers from each card since one is newer than the other but they were the same. I relaced everything and nothing has changed. It just states in the SLI tab to remove any cards what doenst support SLI. ??? this is getting me stumped. !! :confused: :confused:
I will have a google search for a SLI forum as Greg suggested and see if i can get and info that way.

Thanks guys, it all helps :slight_smile: :wink: :wink:

I am talking about the GeForce nVidia drivers for the graphics card. Right clisk your desktop, click properties, settings, advanced, adapter, propertied, driver, and look at the Driver Version number.

If it is not version 91.36 go here:

see pic attatched; My drivers are version 84.21.