Can't properly burn in CloneDVD newer than


My DVD hw is LG GSA 4120B, but it is not probably related, as my friend using MSI 4A has exactly the same problem.

I used pack of DVD + Rs, all went OK. I burn DVD very sporadically, so dunno what could really cause the change. I found out newer versions of CloneDVD are awailable, so I updated.

I was asked by my brother to make copy of Finding Nemo (Czech 2 DVD edition). So I went with standard aproach - DVDDecrypter to hd, then CloneDVD. Ouch, I could not run final DVD. I then tried Intervideo DVDCopy 2.x, even worse, not even main menu appears. The same is happening to my friend on his PC. I am not sure what changed on my PC, maybe addition of Daemon Tools.

The only version I am able to Burn from hd is CloneDVD

So - is that problem of specific movie? But why burns it OK? I looked into DVD physically, compared the one which is OK with the one which is not, and it seems to me that incorrectly burned DVD has stopped some 4 mm from the outer border of DVD. Further investigation also showed, that the main movie is in-there, but initial menu does not work. But the problem also is, I can’t select chapters manually, as it is greyed out in both WinDVD and PowerDVD.