Can't preview titles!


I had to reformat my HD (XP Sucks) and I reinstalled Nero, and now when I want to recode a DVD, I can no longer preview the title! I tried to uninstall and reinstall recode but that does not help. On the first page after it does its quick analysis the little preview window is all greyed out! That was my favorite part of Recode because that is where I could find which titles to replace with my own custom picture. Everything else works, but if anyone knows how I can get that preview window to work I will be your friend forever :bow:

Thanks in advance.

Originally posted by Woggs1

I had to reformat my HD (XP Sucks) [/B]
Only cracked versions suck. Gammy hardware makes it worse. God only knows what’s wrong. Give us a list of your hardware and installed apps.