Can't preview lightscribe

Hello, I am having a problem with the lightscribe preview in Nero Cover Designer build when i try to see a preview of the disk image i want nothing happens.

Which version of Nero do you use? I have Nero 7 and everything works fine with LightScribe.
You could try with Sure Thing CD Labeler 4 (Google for this), a free program that handles LigtScribe as well.

Same problem here with Nero, the last LS_HSI.EXE ( from nero and my LG GSA-4166 firmware 1.01 : in Nero Cover Designer, no preview.

With the SureThing CD Labeler 4 SE (from the preview is working.

I use Nero with Nero Cover Designer and the Lightscribe driver and everything is working great overhere!
I use the old LS driver because the newer drivers gives me communication errors :frowning:

Well Nero 6.6.0 is available on .

The 6.6.1.x is only available with NEC 3551/4551 (LabelFlash edition), so …

Maybe the solve the problem, since Nero Designer is upgraded to…

Same problem here. Cannot preview in Designer 2.3.x. I will post the exact versions of LS and Designer when I get a chance.

I followed much of the advice here in the forum and have ended up with a different problem now. After not being able to preview, I updated the firmware on my drive (HP dvd640c), and installed the update for Nero 7, and updated LS to Now the preview works as advertised! However, I am now getting the communication error that so many others have complained about when I try to burn. Agggh.

I would like to revert back to an earlier version of LS, but cannot figure out how to do this. After installing the recommended version from HP, it still shows in Nero ProductInfo. Anyone have a simple process for uninstalling LS?

Nero solve the LS preview problem with my LG 4166 1.01.

But I must stay in english because language packs are buggy.