Can't playback with pioneer dvr-a07

i have purchased the dvr-a07 with the following procedure, 1.) copy with DVD Decrypter, 2.) compress with DVD Shrink 3.1, 3.) using the software Ulead (the one come with the drive) to copy “data” “dvd”, the result is i could playback with the dvd with drive itself, but it can’t playback in my dvd player. it there any option i didn’t add or check off? i have tried different type of media, one is 1X dvd-r, and 4X dvd-r and 4X dvd+rw

i like to use the nero express 6, but it can’t recognize the drive.

if i use the pinnacle instant copy, it will take like 3 or 4 or 5 hours to complete the whole process…


You need to burn a DVD video in a specific format, choose the DVD-Video pro-forma from within Nero and drag/drop the video files in there, then burn.

Check your version of Nero 6, as the Pioneer is a very new drive, the older versions probably don’t have the drive support in them.