Can't playback DVD on standalone player

Hi all,

I’ve been using DVDFab HD DVD Decrypter and DVd Shrink to copy my DVDs and it playback fine on my standalone DVD player (using Verbatim 16x DVD R-). But ever since I upgraded from Nero 6 to Nero 8 Ultra and tried to copy the my DVDs, they can no longer playback on the standalone player but playback is possible on the computer. How can I get back to playing the DVDs on a standalone player? Thanks.

Hi hmd8676 and welcome:

Can you post a Nero 8 log or provide additional specs? For example, members will want to know what media you are using and your systems specs.


Other have been having problems since upgrading to ver 8 of Nero.

You can try Imgburn with the DvdFab, it’s a great combination.
You can get it here:

Thanks for the reply. Right after my post I saw on another forum that people were having the same problem with Nero 8 and DVD Shrink. One method is using ImgBurn with DVd Shrink as one have suggested, another is to uninstall Nero 8 to an earlier version to work with Shrink, or third, use Nero Recode in Nero 8 as a substitute to DVD Shrink. I’m going to keep Nero 8 and try the two methods discussed and if all else fails, then I will uninstall Nero 8. Thanks again for the replies.

Did not suggest to uninstall Nero 8 just mentiond that I had read others were having trouble also.
Just thought that Imgburn would be another good tool to have around.

I’m going to keep Nero 8 and try the two methods

Let us know how it works out.

I installed ImgBurn and the latest version of DVD Shrink that supports ImgBurn and everything’s working fine. I’ve concluded that Nero 8 and DVd Shrink are not compatible.

One caviat, if you want to use DVD Shrink with ImgBurn, first, you’d have to uninstall the current Shrink and reinstall a new version. I saw some thread in the forums that describes this process. Thanks for all those who helped and hope this clear up some concerns for those who have the same problem.