Can't playback any of the dvds I have made



I bought a hd panasonic dvd recorder, all the dvds I have made or copied freeze about 10 minutes in all my professional dvds play fine, I bought 2 different cleaner to use on the dvds as I first thought it was dust, but they all play on my old dvd player and comp


It is more likely to be a compatible issue between authoring software you used to create your DVD and the player. Have you tried to use another software to playback your home made DVDs? Did you try to copy all the data on your DVD to your computer? If all the data can be copied onto your hard disc, then it is absolutely not a reading issue of this new recorder.


Well, because they work in your older player and from PC’s HDD, then I’d say (but not “absolutely”,) that it’s an incompatibility issue with player and media…What media ? what burning SW? …
BTW, do they work on standalone players? and can you post a burn log?


I use dvd cloner 5 and I was using another burner which I don’t remember.
I have a stack of about 100 dvds I haven’t gotten around to watching yet.

I rewatched a dvd I watched about 2 months ago on the old player, it played fine on the new one, so I just watched the first dvd I tried to watch
on the new player. I later watched it on the old player. The second time I watched it it played fine, it looks like I can play dvds that I have already watched, but if I try to watch a newly burned one it crashes. I am going to test a couple more

The crashes happen between 10 and 12 minutes through, then between 24 and 26, then between 36 and 38 minutes


What kind of discs are you using?