Cant play


I have downloaded any dvd promragmme but I put the dvd in and it still doesnt work. I brought a dvd from austrilia, can anyone help me please?


Set the default region in settings to region 4 for an Australian DVD.

I did but still doesnt work.


which program are you trying to play the DVD with?


Its called Any dvd but I put the dvd in my computer, I open it with Any dvd and still doesnt work.

AnyDVD only removes Region and CSS Protection, it does not play DVDs. You will need a DVD Player software like PowerDVD or WinDVD

Oh right I see. Now I know, thanks.
Which is better power dvd or win dvd?

I’ve only used PowerDVD so I couldn’t say which is better.

Is Power dvd any good?
Whats the link address for the download?

Click me :

Yer, i worked it out.
Thankyou guys :smiley: