Cant play the last 10 min



Sorry if this is a repeated question but i cant seem to find a fourm that answers my question.

I made a copy of internal affair II, which the last 10 min. starts to freeze and stops. I usesd dvdshrink and dvd decrypter to make an image of a dvd-5(4.7gb). I have done copys for more than five times with these programs and with the same size. Do you think that it is the dvd-r’s promlem? Thankz for readind my questions.


99% sure it is because of the DVD-R u are using, most of the “cheaper” discs seem to produce these errors towards the end of the burn.
What make/dye DVD are u using ?
I found this same problem with the princo discs and now moved to Datasafe G.04 and get great burns everytime.

If u are burning data i usually dont burn over 4GB anyway, but with movies it is worth paying more for a better disc in the long run.