Can't play or finalize a disk with a Pilot DVD recorder

I recorded a movie on a DVD and apparently there was something on the disk near the center (whatever it was it was inside the recorder) and messed up part of the disk. Now I can’t get it to play or finalize and the computer just says there’s no disk in the drive. The recorder calls it an “unknown disk” and won’t give me the menu to finalize it. It worked fine until I took it out of the DVD recorder. Is there any way I can MAKE the player or computer “see” the disk.

You can try and extract the recording as an MPEG2 file using ISObuster on the PC (even though Windows file system will not see the disc):

The demo version should let you see if you can identify the recording, but you’ll have to pay for the full version if you want to make a useful extraction.

Really? isobuster works on unfinalized DVD+Rs? Never thought to test it.

Yep - but as I say you do have to pay and re-extract to be able to get anything meaningful out of the .TAO file (or whatever) that it produces.

I’ve used it myself several times, and can confirm it works on unfinalised DVD +/-Rs…

Thanks! It works great.