Can't play or copy DVD on computer, but works on DVD player

hello, I have a problem with copying one of my dvds. I can play it on my standard dvd player. But I can’t copy it and even can’t play it (with powerDVD and so on) with my computer. When I insert it to my computer dvd writer, I can’t browse any files and it seems blank dvd. I have already tried with anyDVD, clone DVD2, DVD Decrypter, DVD43 but in vain. The problem is DVD writer can’t detect it but it can be played on any standard dvd players. Please help me. thanks.

Only with this one movie or any movie?

If only the one; what movie is it and what region code (where are you located)?

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Thanks for your quick reply. I am now in Australia, but that movie is from Asia. Let me add some more information about my problem. I just try it with DVD Shrink 3.2 and it says no media in my drive. That’s why, every software (as far as I know) can’t detect that DVD. Every software I have tried says that there is no media on my drive. Let me confirm again that I can play it with my standard dvd player and my computer dvd drive can play other dvd except that one. thanks.

Sounds like a region code conflict with the drive. But, you said you have anydvd, that should resolve that problem as long as you have it running in the background.

yes, I have anydvd running in the background, but still the problem exits. It can’t be played on my friend’s computer too. The same problem (drive can’t detect it). I got 3 more DVDs from same company and the problem is the same. Please help me. thanks

you just answered you own question there.

you say you have 3 more dvds from the same company that all have the same problem? then try using a dvd bought from a local, reputable store in your drive to take the computer out of the equation.

Well, you should also try going into “my computer” and looking at the drive, can you see the disk?

maybe the drive is physically broken?

yes, they have the same problem and they are not physically broken, because they all can be played on standard dvd player. when I go to “My computer”, and click my dvd drive, I can’t see any files, (all of 3 disks) as I said in my original post, it seems blank dvd. any idea?

Now, I found out one thing, it can be read by normal DVD drive (not writer). any idea , please

@banyan2006, it sounds like you may have a bad drive

no, my drive is still working. That protected DVd can be read by normal DVD Rom. so, I try to make iso file with that DVD rom by DVD Decrypter and in the log file , it said, it has macrovision protection and that can be removed, but at the middle of making iso file, it started give me lots of errors ( sometime, unknown error, sometime, disk damage). But I can confirm that, my dvd doesn’t have any error when I play with standard DVD player. I have read about some CD/DVD protection technology that is inserting some kind of trick to program (kind of inserting bad sector), can anyone confirm me about that technology, please. thanks

try this… go to and download either dvd gold or dvd platinum… just one of them… you get 30 days free on both but only download one … until used…
then you have a choice on the left page of the program… to either do the full movie with the extras or just main movie… i do just the main movie… but both work…
i used dvd gold for rush hour 3 and i had no trouble… so this is just a thought of something that you could try… but like some guy said… it could be where your getting your movies…
also when you at the dvd, there is also a dvd fab decrypter…THIS IS FREE…ALWAYS… i find when there is something that i can not burn and its giving me a hard time… it usually works…
but i have dvd platinum on one comp and the decrypter… and gold and the decrypter on another…
good luck i hope this might help in some small way… happy new year!!!