Cant play old games

I have installed a game called dungeon keeper 2 and it loads to a point.

It loads menus (only the menu) the loading screen is off centre all the sounds play, but the game backgrounds dont load and the most important part, the visuals of the game do not play,

I have vista ultimate and have told it to play in win 05, 2000/me and xp.

Any ideas?

Have you tried compatibility mode?

if thats different to Properties> compatability then no, but i dont know how. if it is then yes.

Try running the game in DosBox if it’s orignally a dos game.

not a dos game,

game req:

pentium 166 (min)
pentium266 (rec)
windows 95/98/me/xp

4x cd (min)
16x (rec)

32mb ram (min), 64 (rec)

2mb direct x 6.1 graphics min, 4mb direct x 3d graphics (rec)

direct x 6 sound card.

The only thing i can think of that would be affecting it so badly is the fact that im running one of the latest versions of direct x 9c, would that affect the graphics on old games?

There are many sites on the net that deal with that issue.

Have you applied Patch 1.7 and turned off Hardware acceleration ingame ?
Also try to start the game.exe with the parameter -32biteverything,
e.g. “c:/games/dk2/DKII.exe” -32biteverything