Can't play multisession DVDs

i hav just bought the Philips DVP5106K player and hav tried playing multisession
DVDs on it but it just hangs up after few seconds of play and gives no sound.
It also doesn’t detect anything beyond first session.
I hav LITE-ON LH20A1P487C writer and had used NERO 7 for writing.
plzzzzzzzz can someone help???

no one has a soln. to this problem???

Just a guess…is the disc closed? If it’s not closed it might act that way. Also will your Philips play multi session DVD discs?

Even some computer software cannot play multi session disc’s this is a fact of life.
When you load the disc onto your comp can it see all the sessions?
What does the spec of your player say?

If the disc is not finalized most players will not
recognize it properly, if at all.

my pc detects every session n also plays them well.
i hav even finalized the disc n tried but am gettin the same result.
i guess thr’s problem with the player.
newayz thx for the replies

What country are you in? I’ve checked Philips Product Support
for the USA and found no results for your model.

i’m from india