Can't play movie DVDs...(used search function, it died on me)


First of all, when I used the seach function, IE told me that the page can not be displayed. I tried a couple of times. So, I decided to open a thread, not to get attention or post newbie-spam, I need some help with my movie DVDs. :wink:

This might be a hardware problem as well. Anyway, inserting and browsing video DVDs is no problem and installing InterActual Player (which by the way sucks) works perfectly. When I try to play my DVD in Windows Media Player, after a couple of seconds of playback the program freezes. When I load it in InterActual, the whole system freezes and I have to use the brutal method of restarting my PC (the brutal method consists of pressing and holding down that nice little button labeled with a circle intersecting with a line).

My DVD player is screwed up anyway and I don’t wanna buy a new one right now. So, is this a hardware or software problem? Is the driver out-dated?

I can’t post my DVD reader model right now because I am sitting in school. Gotta wait till I get home. :cool:

Replies will be appreciated,


Try using VLC or PowerDVD to play your dvd’s and see if it helps.

Well, the votes say only 62%… :confused: Not very convincing to buy this thing. Besides, I think the cause of the problem is a disabled service or a driver problem… I don’t know.

But thanks anyway! :wink: