Can't play media in ps2

i converted a media through the vsoDixxToDVD and burned it on a DVD-RW with CopyToDVD. HOwever, when i play it in my ps2, nothing comes out. Usually when i watch my friends burned DVDs on my ps2, it works… is this happening because my ps2 can’t read DVD-RW??? i thought those could…

ps2 are notorious for not reading certain media - one ps2 will, the next one won’t. Basically the pick up lasers on all models of ps2 are not great - it would all depend on how old your ps2 is - but I do know that RW media either + or - causes more problems that write once media.

what version would my playstation be?

serial number: U8042918

We need to know the model number (SCPH-XXXXXXXXX), serial is irrelevant.