Can't play DVD's under XP - crazy!

This is driving me NUTS!

I have a Pioneer DVR-111D drive, just installed. It was running just fine and did everything I wanted it to.

Recently I had to fresh install XP (something weird happened and it kept hanging after the startup screen).

Anyway the install went fine, in fact used the Pioneer drive to do the install.

However, now the darn thing just won’t play DVD movies. I’m using Media Player Classic with the K-Lite codecs which is exactly what I used before. But whilst the drive seems fairly happy to play Region-2 discs (I’m in the UK), it won’t co-operate with other regions; usually MPC goes into “Not Responding” states. if I run something like VSO’s disc checker, it will then play, but I get a pixel storm.

The drive is flashed to the latest firmware (but RPC1) and I also have Region Killer running.

Anyway, if it were a region issue, I should just get a “wrong region” message.

What gets on my nerves is that sometimes the thing will just work, and other times it won’t.

I recall when I installed it a few weeks ago, I had some problems - XP kept recognising it as a CD-ROM drive and it was terribly slow reading DVD’s, and recognised movie discs as DVD-ROM’s, but I fixed that by going into WIndows Safe Mode, removing it, and getting Windows to re-install it as a new device (again in safe mode). After this it worked great - any movie, no problems.

I’ve checked every setting I can think of in XP and the BIOS etc, and it all looks fine. I’ve even used TweakUI to get rid of the annoying autoplay.

Most applications work fine, I can explore discs fine, it;s just movie playback that screws up.

In Device Manager, it appears as a CD-ROM drive, but in My Computer, it;s correctly shown as a DVD-RW drive (think that’s how it was when it was working).

It’s driving me crazy!!!

So any suggestions would be very welcome.

Oh, and for some weird reason, Nero’s CDSpeed software shows every disc as being completely full of bad sectors (whole thing goes red), but VSO’s disc inspector shows no errors. But that happened before when the thing was working properly!

Try power DVD or WinDVD.

Well, for one, they aren’t free…and for another there’s no guarantee they’ll behave any better.

I just don’t get why MPC will sometimes work, and sometimes not. I’ve just stuck a disc in [I]without[/I] Region Killer running, and it plays even though it shouldn’t since whilst the drive is region-free Windows isn’t!

I bet next time I boot up Windows, I’ll get the same trouble back again - player hanging etc etc.

Can I assume that PowerDVD comes with it’s own codecs?

And why would Nero CDSpeed report all discs as bad - every sector is flagged as red. But VSO Inspector works just fine. The discs aren’t bad - they work fine.

download vlc player. That will play your dvd’s