Can't play dvd's in some dvd players



i have a sony vaio rb50 with current version 1 click pro and current anydvd. I am using benq 16x dvd+r media and the dual layer sony burner that came with computer. I have no errors or problems when transcoding or writing to the disc. but I have problems getting movies to play in most dvd players. I have a pioneer and a sony dvd player that plays everything flawlessly but the l.g. and jvc and several other players will only play about half of the movie and then it skips continuously. This happens with different movies and 2 of them would not even play properly in my p.c. (is that abnormal that the 2 dvd players would play the discs no problem but the computer would not?) I was thinking bad media or bad burner. any ideas would be appreciated i am still new. thanks


Make sure that bitsetting is set to DVD-ROM for maximum compatibility with standalone players. Also try burning at a slower speed to see if that helps. Different media would be yet another choice. If none of those suggestions work, then it’s probally the standalone players being picky about the discs.


I get the same problem, so if i change my bitsetting to DVD-ROM it should be compatible with most players? Why wouldnt they leave the bitsetting at this standard if it were a better option or does it have flaws in other areas when burning?


Media quality is the most likely source of the problem. The Benq DVD’s that are being used are not the best quality (considered mid-grade at best). Try using Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden discs (Sony’s 8x+R MIJ is retail TY). There are a few others out there as well. (Some TDK made in Japan, some Verbatim MIJ, Plextor to name a few).

As the burn speed increases as the movie is copied to the disc, it more than likely is causing excessive errors or possibly even falilures. This is why it skips or will not play at all.

The reason your PC will not read some is because it attempts to read the disc at a higher speed than the DVD players do.


Yes, agree with jhtalisman try better media also with quality media use the media rated speed.


o.k. so some dvd players are better at reading bad media than others, i guess the pioneer and sony players have a superior reading mechanism. I was suprised to see the pc not play the discs because i thought that the pc has a much better dvd reader than any dvd player. if it is not too much trouble could someone please tell me where i can check what “bitsetting” my dvd rom is set to. thanks for the replys


Use Nero drivespeed. Get it here:
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Use Nero drivespeed. Get it here:

thanks for the link, i downloaded it but i am not quite sure what this does, does this help regulate burn speeds?


No. As stated on that site, this tool can be used to change reading speed. With decreased reading speed there might be a chance of better reading, especially with low quality discs.
btw. The original website of that tool is



CD-DVD Speed is a great tool!.. :iagree:
Recommend that you look at this thread , with many thanks to rdgrimes (retired mod) and many other members.


wow, people on this site are very helpful. i think i have learned more in the past 2 days than in the last 2 months.