Can't play DVD+R



First of all I am not computer literate.
I have copied video’s to DVD+R discs by connecting my video player to my DVD player connected to my TV not my PC. The discs will play onto the TV, but they will not play on my PC. My OP is WinXP Home. I have Cyberlink Power5 installed and when I insert a disc I have copied a dialogue box tells me
the disc is an unsupported format. When I try to open it with Windows Explorer, I am told it is not accessible, incorrect function. I use DVD+RW to back up my system using Norton Ghost 9 and those discs work OK. Please can anyone help. Thank you.


Is the disc finalized? (I know stupid question but I have a table dvd writer and if i don’t tell it seperated to finalize it then it won’t and then won’t play on pc nor on any other dvd player.) You said you recorded from video wich is connected to the dvd player wich is connected to the tv. So the player is dvd writer right?


Hi Taru,
No I didn’t finalize the disc,(didn’t know I had to) new at this game!! and yes the DVD player attached to the TV is a writer. The discs play perfectly well on the TV


Alright then it’s sure you only have to finalize it (probably under settings or something like that) and then it should work. Intresting but they only readable to the dvd write wich made them if they are not finalized.


Many thanks Taru, I finalized the disc and it is working perfectly!!!


This is becoming quite a regular question now. Just shows the spread of DVD Recorders.