Can't play DVD on computer, but works on DVD player

I feel like I must have a really stupid question, but I backed up a TV episode DVD I owned using CloneDVD2 after using AnyDVD first to strip the protection.

It plays great on the TV with the DVD player, but when I put it in the computer, it can’t locate the files. I have the latest Windows Media Player, and it won’t play with it, claiming it can’t find the video. When I explore the drive, all I see are data files, and they can’t be opened by video software.

What is the deal?

Does it have to do with the fact that it is an episodic disk?

I just don’t understand.


Rwfromkansas -

Suggest getting a “Real” computer DVD Player/Viewer software program similar to PowerDVD ( or WinDVD (


True if you want to view quality DVD or Backup get a separate program like powerdvd or windvd. That why they will have their own codecs to run what is needed media player on the other hand has to download if it doesn’t have the codecs and if it can’t play the dvd or find any codecs then it will just bulk at your DVD.

I greatly appreciate your replies.

I was actually wondering if I needed to buy such a software product in order to play it. However, I did not want to spend the money. I will check the trial version and see if it works.

Blessings to you.

Shrink will play on most systems and is free. It seems to work fine on XP Pro with no codec.

I have the opposite problem, copied DVD’s play ok on my computer but when I play them on my Panasonic DVD player they a terribly jerky and rendering them unwatchable.

I have copied before using AnyDVD and Clone DVD and they ahve worked but since updating to latest version of Clone DVD I have had problems.

Any ideas?

It sounds like a problem with media or burner. What burner and firmware do you have and what media ID and burn speed are you using?

BTW, the latest version of CloneDVD is a couple of months old.

I am using Verbatim DVD-R (x16) with an NEC-2500A with firmware 1.08 installed. CloneDVD is version and AnyDVD is

I have not burned before with this configuration as I was using the older version of CloneDVD (with the sheep on!?!) and using Ridisc DVD-R

The current version of the ELBY Slysoft CloneDVD is, so I suspect that the version of CLone you are using is from the company that copied the name. That version is notorious for bad quality. You might consider switching to the real CloneDVD. Also, you should avoid all Ritek and consider the +R version of the Verbatim. Lastly, your 2500 is limited to 8X and I would suspect it is using a default setting for 16X media. It is probably time to update the burner as most newer media will have the same problem.

What burner would you recommend?

Your Verbatim media is very good. Your burner should be updated to one that booktypes +R media. I like the BenQ 1655.

You are not using Elby (Slysoft) CloneDVD. You are using the fake. Get the real one.


Larry May -

In one of my computers I am running a NEC ND-2500 flashed to ND-2510 via Liggy’s and Dee’s MadDog v2.F9 Firmware which provides Bittsetting and RPC1 (Region Free).

This NEC ND-2500 with Liggy’s and Dee’s MadDog v2.F9 Firmware is still alive and kicking like a chicken. Before running off and purchasing a new DVD Burner I would suggest trying the above Liggy’s and Dee’s MadDog v2.F9 Firmware and see if this meets your needs.

Suggest viewing the AnyDVD-CloneDVD User Tutorial and note the comments at the beginning on the Tutorial concerning the CloneDVD.Net fake rip-off software program ->

To acquire the Real Original CloneDVD Software Program visit SlySoft (


Of the 10 burners I have, the Pioneer 111D is the best I have seen. It works best with Verbatim 16X +R and TY 8X +R.

A lot of us use it with the Buffalo 111L firmware from here:

Isn’t Windows supposed to be a multimedia capable operating system? Isn’t that how computers with Windows are advertised all over the place? Why doesn’t Windows Media Player handle video DVDs?

I have Win XP Pro and Windows Media Player will play the menu of a DVD with sound, but only play the chapters of the DVD (instructional type DVD, not a movie) without sound. This DVD will play on a standalone player like the OP.

I have DVDShrink and will use that, but why doesn’t Windows have a built-in DVD player that works in 2009?

PS: Media Player Classic plays the DVD OK too. So when is that from? What is Windoze doing, going backwards?

Another two and a half year old thread re-opened. I don’t think it is Windows that is “living in the past.”:bigsmile:

Is the issue any less relevant today then it was 2 years ago?

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