Cant play DVD movies in my player



I bought an EMPREX DRW 1008 Dvd writer like a week ago…it burns the cds dvds very fine …the problem is while playing the movie dvds …even the video is good …but its slow as well.the audio strucks and creachy …it wont match .I am using creative soundblaster 5.1 and I am using power dvd
my sytem config is
PIII 512MB RAM,400MHZ,40 GB hard disk
In the min requirements of the DVD writer manual it says 800MHZ …is tht matter in playing the dvds??
can someone please clarify my doubts and clear off my confusion.I would really appreciate it
thanks in advance
aru :wink:


It does matter…also HD low fragmention and a good graphics card help. You could try installing a newer/optimised version of PowerDVD and/or format your pc if you’re up to. Also check in the task management the use of CPU and the page file. Also check the free memory (physical) space. Big pagefile use means it’s writing a lot of information to HD, which is slower then by caching files on ram (because it uses the system bus).


Dear Nobelium
thanks very much for the faster reply
when i playing dvd it shows
cpu usage 100%
pfile usage 309MB
free memory216Mb
wht will be my solution for this problem being an end user
thanks again