Can't play dvd disc on my home dvd player

Hi all, my nephew sent me a dvd disc with some photos on it which i put into my home dvd player , but all it does is says it loading and then nothing happens, i then put it in my pc and used nero 6 showtime and it worked, no problems, i then used neros info tool to check out the disc itself , it says-
Type - dvd+R
Capacity -00.00.01 [0 MB

tracks - n/a
sessions - n/a
blank capacity -n/a
Manufacturer ID CMC MAG M01
Disc status - open, not finalized

File system[s]

Title n/a
Date n/a
Plublisher n/a
Application n/a

So can anyone tell me what to do to be able to play these photos on my home dvd player, please.

thanks in advance for any advise

Take a look at the 7th and 8th posts.

Thanks a lot Jeff, it worked no problems.

many thanks

wew…this help me a lot too… thanks man…