Can't play copied movies- DVD Fab 5 platinum

I have DVD Fab 5 Platinum, just purchased. I copied using the Movie Only option and all seemed to go well. They play on my computer, but not on my DVD players (tried several different DVD players.)

What might be the problem?:sad:

Just describe the process you went through & let us know everything you used. The more info you supply, the faster it might be to get to a solution. Without complete info, it’s just a guessing game.

I am using a 32 bit machine running Windows XP Media Edition. I start DVD Fab 5 and it starts DVD Idle Pro which is also installed on the machine. The machine has 1 DVD drive. I have not changed anything. It is all defaults.
I put in the DVD and select Main Movie. It has selected the first title which is the longest and English as an audio and subpicture language. It is set for DVD5. I see the movie playing in the little window. I click NEXT and then START. It’s a Taiyo Yuden DVD-R disk.