Can't play Collateral with clonedvd

I tried backing up Collateral with clonedvd onto a DVD+RW.
It plays back fine on the computer using powerdvd. I am using an NEC 3520a with modified firmware 1UF by Liggy & Dee. I also have bitsetting setup so the DVD+RW media is set to DVD-ROM for playback.
It will not playback in home stereo dvd player. The make of the DVD+RW is Sony 4X. This DVD+RW worked fine on other movies in my home stero dvd player.

This problem is not related to the CloneDVD software.

Sorry to expand on your god like knowledge Olli - but if a back up plays on a pc for example, this must prove that the copy software has worked perfectly… If it then doesn’t play on a stand alone DVD player, this would indicate a media compatability problem? So in the example above AnyDVD and CloneDVD have performed perfectly… Or am I missing something obvious?

Picky dvd player or it’s cr*p. Or it may not read DVD/RW ?

Hello Folks,

It is not unusual to see that a DVD will play on the DVD Recorder that it was recorded on but fail to play on any other device.

I do not possess the technical expertise to fully explain this phenomenon but I believe that it is similar to the fact that someone with poor handwriting can scribble a note on a piece of paper and the person who wrote the note can read it but no one else can read the note.

Perchance if Olli has the time possibly he can revisit this posting and explain this phenomenon in a manner that will make sense to the masses.

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Nothing to it really, the drive it was burned in (the NEC 3520a) is perfectly capable of eading DVD+RW media, and is also good at reading media with lots of errors in it.

The standalone player may not be able to play DVD+RW, or may be very fussy about discs with errors in (my standalone is both).

I would try this disc, and puting a movie that worked in the past on it, and see if it works in the standalone.

Ben :slight_smile:

bcn 246 has offered you some good insight. Althouh that particular disk worked for you in the past doesn’t mean it will last forever. I have a few DVD/RW that I use for test purposes and they all still work fine in my stand alone player. The first time I encounter an error I will try to burn it on a brand new DVD/RW using the same manufacturer I used before ruling out an compatibility problems. If the new one works, the old one goes right in the garbage, have no time for experiments and they are cheap enough to replace.

daley dave
I see you posted the same message at about the same time on the AnyDVD forum,
only there you stated you were using AnyDVD with DVDShrink 3.2.

If you want help, post it in one place, give all the facts, double posting is rude and wastes time of those trying to help.

You will notice that I also have bitsetting setup so the DVD+RW media is set to DVD-ROM for playback. I did this for compatability. The DVD+RW has been only used 5 times. I also tried this another Sony and had the same results. I also tried using the Radius DVD-RW and yes it played on the computer, but not on the home stereo dvd player. All of my other DVDs played fine when I use anydvd and dvdshrink on my home stereo dvd player.

Itzbinnice, I posted in this section for CLONEDVD, because my question was using CLONEDVD.
The other section was posted for anydvd.
I did not want to confuse the post.
These are 2 separate problems.

Have you tried playing the DVD RW in another stand alone player, either your own or friends, that is capable of playing DVD +RW.
My DVD RW disks are also Sony +RW and I never had a problem playing back in both my Sony and Zenith DVD stand alone players. Both are DVD +RW capable.
Have you tried burning Collateral to regular DVD media and not RW.
If it burns to a regular DVD you can rule out a software problem, it’s got to be media related.

Another suggestion is to take a different movie and try burning that, if that works it may be the Collateral movie itself that is causing the problem. Collateral is only 1 Hr and 40 min so it’s really not a size issue.

AnyDVD did it’s job so it’s not that. You say you tried both CloneDVD and Shrink and both failed, so CloneDVD can be ruled out also. In all probability it is either media or firmware related. Have you updated your firmware to the latest version?

I solved the problem with other software. I do not want to double post. So You can read the answer in the Anydvd forum.