Can't Play certain DVD movies on my NEC ND-2510A

Not sure how to search for info for this problem so I hope someone can help me out with this. There are certain DVD9’s that can’t be played on my NEC ND-2510A. The main title menu screen appears but I can’t go further than that. When I did a Nero InfoTool on the disc, the video format is shown as “N/A”, as well as the region. Can someone point me in the correct direction? Thanx!

try another program and see if the dvd will advance. next try a firmware update. next try the dvd movie in another dvd player both on PC and home/tv standalone.

Thanx for the ideas. I’m using Herrie’s beta 5 firmware for 2510A and this problem only happens with certain dual layer DVD movies. I’ve tried PowerDVD, Windows Media player and a few other players but still in vain. Will try to find some other drives and try it out.

hmm, well i had the same problem with my gigabyte dvd drive after flashing it with a hacked firmware from dangerous brothers. took me alot of hassel to figure out what the issue was. but then i reflashed with official firmware from gigabyte and all was well.

Thanx! Might try out the latest 2.06 official firmware later, but that will mean sacrificing the extra speed provided by Herrie’s special firmware… :frowning: