Cant play burnend blu-rays from new comp (BD-R?} on my old samsung {5yrs old) BD-P1400 {"says:} "NO DISC?}



All im asking is Ill throw this Samsung garbage Blu-Ray in the dumpster? I built a great quad-core gaming comp with my friend from the box up i have 1200.00 in parts in this thing…2-burners a Plextor PX-L890SA DVD Burner and an LG Blu-Ray Burner… Card reader…etc… the best vid card Nividea makes… this water coolant fan thing plus four other fans with my over-clocked i5. and 1.5 T-bytehard-drive. I dont need to give you all the specs of this comp but c’mon… what does it take? my samsung blu-ray is 5yrs old??? it doesnt take burned blu-ray movies I made in BD-R??? what does??? thank you in advance!!! Furri ^.^


Do the disks play correctly in the LG drive in your computer? You’ll need software to do this, such as PowerDVD or the vastly superior Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater 5. There are trials for both if you do not have either.

If they play on the computer without issues, then you have a compatibility problem with the Samsung player. There is a firmware update for the BD-P1400 dated April 7, 2011, available for download from Samsung’s US site. You should burn it to a cd and update the Samsung if you haven’t already done so.


Done it all hunny!!! TY for your reply???.. everything plays fine in my computer and on my 99.00 walmar DVD PlayerAND ON MY PS3>>> but not on my samsung.piece of shit blu-ray-player lmao!! tried connecting to he internet vita "their plug-in?"For the ethernet??? lugged “everything” to my man-cave lol…connected to my modem? disconnected my PS… my “cheap” blu-ray -player (99.00} everything… did my IP…did the DNS…The submasks…EVERTHING…!!! lol …Could not connect…for the firmware update… downloaded their “SO_ CALLED FIRMWARE DISC???“From their Samsung site…ISO file tried nero trie power iso tried image burn??? all at the slowest burn-speeds NUTHING!!! then I talk to the peeps at Samsung??? you know what they tell me??? I give him the model # so i can have their “firmware?” he comes back …and he says before he puts it all together he wants the “SERIAL NUMBER NOW???”” You know what I say??? Hunny? lol… screw em… Ill never buy Samsung piece of shit again… And Im geeting rid of my Samsung 55” plasma I had for 4 years… im selling it for 400.00 paid 1500.00 for it 4yrs ago…thank you for your help anyway sweetie!!! Just how these Shitty companies are now…AND SAMSUNG ONE OF THE WORST!!! BEWARE BUYERS!!!


Some stand alone Blu-ray Players don’t play R/W Discs. You have to have the latest Firmware and Samsung is not good at keeping this up to date. The other thing, is most people use Nero, ImgBurn or DVDFab is the only way to go. :cool: