Can't Play Burned DVDs on my DVD Player

I received a nice HP laptop for Christmas this year with Vista on it. About a week ago I downloaded a torrent movie from with the Vuze torrent downloader. I wanted to burn it to a DVD so I could watch it on my DVD player.

I put my DVD+R disc in and the computer said that it was formatting the movie to the DVD but when I tried to play it on any of my players in my house it I received an error message.

I tried again with a DVD-RW and got nothing. Then I went back to a DVD+R and tried a different burner and once again got nothing. I tried to go to a different format method but that didn’t work either.

I downloaded and tried a few DVD Converting programs but neither of the two that I tried (one from AVS media and the other ConverterX 3) worked.

Is there anything else I can do to get my movie onto a DVD that I’ll be able to play on any of my DVD players at my house?

Making the HUGE assumption that you managed to download a non-copyrighted movie from Demonoid:

Firstly, check the manuals for you standalone DVD players; if they don’t support DivX then you’ll need to convert the file into DVD format using FAVC, DVD Flick or similar (what error messages did you get with ConvertX etc.; you may have a corrupt file). After the conversion, burn using ImgBurn and everything should be hunky-dory.

If they do support DivX, then run MediaInfo or similar on your downloaded file (probably AVI in DIVX/XVID format); if it says it is “packed bitstream”, then use Mpeg4Modifier to unpack the bitstream as most standalone players have trouble with this. Once unpacked, burn to disk using ImgBurn; the program will prompt you automatically to select the correct disk format for DivX disks. Isn’t ImgBurn wonderful? :slight_smile: