Can't play a working copy of C&C Generals with my DVD-Rom

Hallo out there!

I think this is a stupid question but there was nobody until now who could help me anyway. Okay thats the problem:

I’ve made a Copy of the Safedisc 2 2.80 protected Game C&C Generals with alcohol 120%. I works at the PC of a friend and in my CD -Writer Teac w516eb but not in my DVD Rom Pioneer 106s. Can anyone help me?

Than You!

Whats the problem? Granted it doesnt work in you DVD drive, however you can still play it in your CD-RW. Annoying, I realise that, but you can play it.

Other than that consilodation, Im not sure what else to suggest. :confused:

Thanks for your answer. But i’m still interested to find what the reason for this “Problem” could be. That a copied CD works only in the CDWriter and not in the DVD Drive.


Just speculating here, but prehaps the writer is a better reader.

Prehaps a firmware update may help?

Maybe it checks for cd-rom from where was it installed. Try to install it from DVD rom