Cant play a downloaded movie

hi chaps ive downloaded a movie but when i click to play it it has a i symbol on it and says cant play file is in use? how do i play it thanks

The program Vlc Media Player should be able to play about any pc format. Perhaps your virusscanner or windows internal thumbnail scanner is still opening the file while you try to open it.

how do i close the scanner then? thanks

There may be a number of other issues in your machine causing this problem.
Referring to your “disc space problem” thread…you should deal with the “disc clean-up” first.
Then look at what other files are taking up space…get rid of un-needed stuff
Then you might like to run some repair programs…we´ll try to fill you in step by step, so come back and give us a report at each stage. Could take a while to solve everything, and of course you may still end up having to take your machine to the doctor.

Maybe then you will be able to play this file…but be warned, it could be infected with some kind of virus or other malware…and if it´s an illegal download you´ll get into trouble on this forum cos it´s not cool.

Good luck…and let us know, ok?

cud u give me some repair programmes , and not its not an illegal movie but it says cant open file , file is in use ?

how do i close the virus scanner and windows internal scanner so i can open my file

I think we´ll keep this theme running in your other thread, otherwise we´ll all get confused about who is suggesting what.

Keep this thread for the movie problem itself.

It´s probably not the virus scanner (you have Norton, right?)

And if your file is infected then you definitely DON´T want to shut it off.

Can you drag the movie off your computer onto a USB stick, and delete it from your HD?

yes i have norton , so u think its infected the file? and how come it says file in use wen i click on it ? thanks

Because Norton is scanning the file. Or some other stupid program is. You can find out which process/product/program is using your file with this little tool: WhoLockMe.

Not sure what your system set-up is, but maybe the problem relates to windows explorer’s handling of a large movie files (divx avi in particular)…trying to make a thumbnail…it can cause freeze-ups, “file in use” messages, etc…

I had the freeze-up problem a few months ago when I reinstalled XP on my system…and I ran the “regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll” fix described here:

…and had no further problems…Start|Run|regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll makes a small registry entry…

otherwise, perhaps it’s a codec problem?

I get this same error message when the file name has a few strange characters in it. Says it’s in use, won’t let me play it or delete it. Renaming the file to something simple has solved the problem in the past.

The problem is caused by the crap explorer…