Can't override 1.44M floppy emulation mode


Is anybody else having the problem of Nero 7 substituting its own 1.44M floppy boot image for the CD boot image the user may supply when attempting to create a Boot CD?

I’ve been trying for some time now to merge a 2K (4 sector) CD boot image with some root files, overriding the default 1.44MB floppy mode emulation with the no emulation, 1 --> 4 sector boot. But even if I burn an iso it reverts back to the Nero image file.

I have some more testing to do on this problem, but in the meantime I’d like to hear if anybody else has had this problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.

– Roy Zider


are you using Nero Express or the full version (Nero Burning ROM)? If the first applies, then use some other software to master your bootable CD. I’d suggest ImgBurn, since it’s free and highly configurable.
Nero Express (Essentials) only supports Floppy emulation for bootable discs.



No, the full version of Nero Burning ROM. I’ve never used Nero Express, but I can see from your comment how my description might have been confusing perhaps. I do select “no emulation” and 4 sectors, as well as supply it with a 2K CD boot image file.


Updated my version of Nero Burning ROM (and everything else) from version to Seems to have solved the problem, and I was able to burn a boot CD by merging a 2KB CD boot record image with a root set of Windows XP SP2 files and boot from CD.

– Roy Zider

So it was a Nero bug then.
Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: