Cant open recovered files

I accidently deleted all my films then used a recovery programme to get them back.
I can’t remember which recovery program it was I think it was File Recover it was freeware, I restored AVI & MPEG files, it asked me to restore to a different drive from the one I deleted from, so I put it on my laptop hard drive when complete tried to open in windows media player, it says the selected file has an FRD extension not recognised by Windows media player wont play in any other players either the file size & format are all correct though tried allsorts with no luck.

When you say the file has an FRD extension does it look something like this:

video1.avi.FRD or video2.mpg.FRD? If so, just rename the files without the .FRD (including the period) so they look like video1.avi or video2.mpg.

What do you mean “the file size & format are all correct though.” According to google, FRD extension is related to ‘Need for Speed’ game…If you’re sure they are video files, try changing the extension…See if that helps…You could always change it back…

Edit: darn I type slow!..:cool: