Can't open pics on cd-r anymore

I posted this on a vista forum then I found you guys. Hopefully I have better luck here. Here goes…

I have cd with all the pics from my son’s first year on it. I don’t have these files saved anywhere except for the cd anymore. I opened it once today because I got some more files and I needed to see if they were on it. There were some that weren’t. So, I went to burn them and noticed that I actually didn’t want some of the temp files waiting to be burned on there. So, I canceled it. Then I went to open the cd again to redo which ones I wanted to burn. Now, I can’t view the files on the cd anymore. It just says drag files to add them to the disk. When I right click on the drive in my computer I can browze with Infran that I have installed. But, not even half of the pictures are there. The disk was not made on a vista computer. But, I don’t think that is the issue because it opened just before all of this happened. My dh also has vista and I tried to open it on his. It says the disk may be corrupt or needs to be formatted. I tried to format it. But, it says it will erase the files. Not that I know what it was before. But, right now it says that there is 89.9mb used and 612mb free. But, nothing will open when I open folder to view files. Please tell me the pics are not lost.

Try ISOBuster and see if you can extract the files and put them on the hard drive.
There is a free version that might work for you: