Can't open .jwl files

Hi Guys. Sorry if my question is several years too late, but here goes.
I use Win XP and have been given about 100 .jwl files which I can’t open. I need to open them because they have a lot of information relevant to my Vinyl to CD transfers (for self and others). These files were created using Adaptec (Roxio) Easy CD Creator (Jewel Case Creator) Version 4. My limited research tells me that version 4 and later versions had compatibility problems with Win XP.
Does anyone know:

  1. Can these files be opened without Roxio software?
  2. What version of the software was the first to be compatible with WinXP?
  3. What’s the best place to start looking for “old” software?
    Thanks in advance

Forgive me for not reading your post throughly. According to their knowledge base version 5 worked with XP. I don’t think you’re going to be able to find a copy for sale anywhere except on ebay but the cynic in me wouldn’t trust doing that.

The older versions may not be compatible with XP, but the Jewel case creator part should still work, if that part can be installed on its own.

Thanks for your help. I shall keep looking for older versions after V.5 because I have tried to install the Jewel Case Creator alone from both V.4 and V.5 and have not been successful - but that could be entirely my fault. A friend suggested V.7 might be the way to go.
Thanks again guys, I appreciate the suggestions.