Can't open Help me

Does anyone know if there is a problem with the CD cover download site affiliated with this site at the address below? I have used them several times and now I can’t get to the site for some reason. Any suggestions, Please Help.

I got in OK.

Have another go.

I managed to get on the site but this is on there front page, so it may be connected as to why there server is on and off.

Try this link. It will work perfectly. or

I used to be able to access it on my work VPN but never by my own internet connection now that my VPN access was passed on to someone else cause I wasn’t using it. I am unable to access it…any tips? Cleaned out my IO and made everything able…my ISP is Qwest

I just used this site last week and now it won’t open. What is going on?

It’s opening for me, maybe you should take a look at the links provided by another poster.

I think I may have a cause for everybody’s troubles. I too haven’t able access the site for the last couple of days. I finally got in just a couple of minutes ago. I had the covers page bookmarked and always proceeded directly to this page. Here is how it was in my bookmarks:

I managed to get in by going directly to Once there, I realized they reworked and redesigned the site. It looks much better now. After proceeding to the covers section, I noticed what may be the cause of the trouble. Here is the address for the new cover page:

A very small change in the address but enough to throw a wrench into the gears if you are like me. Just relying on a bookmark to get you where you want to go.

I hope this helps all who can’t get in.


hi i Had Trouble with cc covers and cd covers i installed internet explorer 7 because there were problems with internet explorer 6 whilst using cc covers & cd covers. try this it worked for me!!

use firefox no problems

[QUOTE=thomm;2160208]use firefox no problems[/QUOTE]

I too can’t access using ANY PC that has IE6/7 as it’s browser - downloaded FIREFOX (free) and no problems.

Doubtless the pious MicroSoft corporation have taken a back-hander from the movie/music industry to blacklist the site.

Nice try, Bill - but I’d be concentrating on making your operating system any good before trying out your Internet Police chops.

why is down or what

I can’t get in either using Firefox so more than likely they are having server issues again. This is happening more and more these past few days.

I know this is an old thread but is there a problem with this site as i cant get on. (Jan 20th 2009)

maybe servers…got on the site this morning, no problems

Just got in no problems here with IE and Firefox

Internet Explorer 6 no longer works for this site, download version 7 and the problem should dissapear.


Same here…prolly server along the way…

Can’t open with Firefox or Ecplorer 8. Haven’t been able to open it for two days now.